Anjou Curling Iron Review

Anjou Curling IronThe Anjou Curling Iron 1.25 inch with Tourmaline Ceramic Coating is one of the popular curling irons that are present in the market. It is meant to offer you the great services that too at an affordable amount. This curling iron is extremely easy to use and can offer you a great deal of options to use. It provides you different setting to be adjusted according to your needs.


This precision curling iron has works with the LED heat settings. This is meant to offer you the services that are according to your needs. This curling iron does not harm your hair even a little bit. It is extremely safe to use and also can be used by any of the person without any complication. It uses up the Nauno technology in order to keep your hair away from any kind of the harm that can be caused. This device is also long-lasting and uses the natural ions to provide you the shiny hair. The technology used in this curling iron is meant to reduce all the hot spots and also tends to provide you the frizz free hair. It is also meant to keep your hair healthy both in the nature as well as their appearance.  It has the highest heating point of 400F. It warms up instantly and does not take more than thirty seconds to heat up. The surface of this curling iron is made up of the Tourmaline ceramic surface to provide you the superior quality performance.


  • It is meant to provide you the salon looking curls without damaging your hair.
  • It tends to offer you the five different heat settings.
  • You can easily get the tight or loose curls with the help of this wand.
  • It is meant to reduce the frizz in your hair and make it appear healthy looking.


  • The brand that is manufacturing the product is not particularly known by the people. This can be a factor lagging back this particular product.


This very curling iron is present to provide you the ability to regularly experiment with your hair. The Anjou Curling Iron 1.25 inch with Tourmaline Ceramic Coating totally takes care of your hair. It is meant to style your hair without causing any harmful effect or the damage. It is meant to offer you various settings and style your hair as per your need.


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The five goals for the renovation were Energy Efficiency, Comfort, Health, Water, and Historic Preservation. Those goal have been accomplished. Energy monitoring at the house shows:

There has been a 62% reduction in energy usage.

That energy use reduction occurs even with the additional of air conditioning in the house.  The house is more comfortable because the air supply is refreshed every three hours and the heat in the house is evenly dispersed.

All the water in the house is filtered and less water is used because of low flow fixtures and recirculation pumps.  All of these modern improvements were accomplished and the historic elements in the house were preserved.

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