EthConnect: New ICO Release Coming Soon

EthConnect is looking like an extremely promising platform. The ICO is being released in a few days and I would definitely recommend buying into this cryptocurrency. I know there have been some speculations as to whether this coin is a scam, but after ample amounts of research I can assure you this is a secure platform you can trust. Compared with other coins such as Ethereum, EthConnect is looking like a much more promising coin that will drastically increase in value. It is based off the same platform as Ethereum, but it has its improvements. You do not want to miss out on this ICO. Its members are growing exponentially and you will want to buy in before this coin is open to the public. They will be releasing 8 million EthConnect tokens on the day of the ICO. EthConnect is partnering with many trustworthy banks worldwide, adding to its legitimacy as a coin. The website is consumer friendly and has a sleek web design. For many of you asking me whether EthConnect is a Ponzi, it is not. Like many other cryptocurrencies, there are big-name investors interested in this coin and the potential it carries. The platform designers have created a promising online currency that has caught the interest of many. There is only profit to be made, and even while your EthConnect coin is sitting in your wallet you are gaining interest by doing virtually nothing. And whenever you decide to sell, your profit awaits. The value of EthConnect is expected to increase drastically after the ICO release once it is on the market, and if you want to gain full potential value from your investment I would really encourage you to plan your investment into EthConnect now.

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